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Thread: Help please canon mv890

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    I have made some camcorder films but havent a clue how to put them on dvd either via my computer or using the cd/dvd player (which also records) , I am new to this hobby and have managed to play them on tv screen using the white , yellow and red little jackplug cable. I have no other cables do i need a dv video cable which is like a little scart / usb port thing ?

    Thanks for any help Steve.

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    I just did a quick check on that camcorder and you would use a Firewire cable to connect it to your computer as it is a Mini DV model. This will give you the best picture and sound quality and allow you to capture your video so it can be edited using Windows Movie Maker 2. You can pick up a Firewire cable for around 10 in the likes of Curry's, Jessops or Dixons and you will also need a Firewire socket on your computer to plug the other end of the cable into.

    If your computer doesn't have one, then you need to purchase a PCI Firewire card, which fits into a spare PCI slot inside your computer (takes about 5 minutes). This will provide you with at least 3 new Firewire sockets on the rear of your computer.

    You may also want to look at the Hama website as I think they still sell Mini DV tape rewinders and this would save a lot of wear and tear on the camcorder and therefore extend its life. Let us know how you get on. Some of the interesting features on that camcorder are as follows including true 16:9 recording, powerful 22x zoom and an external microphone socket.


    * True 16:9 recording with widescreen LCD & colour viewfinder
    * High power 22x optical zoom
    * Vivid colours with DIGIC DV
    * Easy shooting mode and just six control buttons
    * Easy handling compact body
    * Built-in convenient sliding lens cover
    * Mic input connection

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    Cheers Nikosony thats a great help. I will get a cable a.s.a.p and give it a go. I thought i might be able just to connect a record thorugh my dvd player which also records to dvd. I cant seem to get it working when i put it on AV to get the cam picture up i seem to have to have the dvd off. When i have the dvd on it contorts and doesnt play the camcorder recording . I,m not very technical no wonder i,m going bold !! thanks for the help again
    regards Steve

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