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Thread: Help please media offline?

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    Default Help please media offline?

    Hi I am new here.

    Well I am using Premiere Pro CS3 on Vista 34bit, I was editing my video and when I put a image or another piece of video on top of the orginal video. I render and save the project sometimes premire crashes then when I start premire pro again, I go back to the added pictures and video they media is offline.

    I tried to set scratch disks to the flie I have scratch disks all to the file of where I have saved the media in the file also has my project saved in. I was wondering why is this happening why does my media go offline when I have saved the media in the right place. and it is imported already into the project panel, I always end up putting the media into the timeline again and I have to chroma key the media everytime for it to be what I need in the video. This has started to get me a bit frustrated since I have to keep editing the media in the timeline. Is there are resolution for this and to stop my media from becoming offline. So I can really start to create my video without these problems.

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    If the media was moved, or you have it on an external drive that is not connected, Premiere Elements can't find the files. It has nothing to do with the scratch disk setting. You can right click on the files and select Locate Media (I think that is right, don't have the program in front of me right now) and then browse to the location. Once you do that it may find all of the clips that are missing/offline. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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