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Thread: Wich Canon Camera?

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    I want to buy one of there mini-DV cams:

    Canon MD255 MiniDV Camcorder


    Canon MD150 MiniDV Camcorder

    Both they have the same price here in Holland, but wich one is better? The MD255 have some more accesoires like a remote control etcetera. But I want to go for quality. I had a Canon MD110 before so I know how that cam is, and the quality is pretty good. Or is the MD255 better?

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    Look at the spec of each camcorder and see does any of them have something that the other one doesn't have. I don't know the spec myself as I've just read your post but if things such as a larger zoom, external mic socket and remote control are important to you then go for that camcorder instead. The picture quality should be the same on both as they are both 1CCD models, but then again that's a matter only you can decide.

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    Personally the square shape to the MD150 isnt so ballanced as the other,so I would go for the feel of the camera and as said above the spec is pretty much the same for both cameras so I would go for the MD255.

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