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Thread: Music Video I made...need feedback

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    Default Music Video I made...need feedback

    i know it is a bit shaky, i never really intended to make the video and I had limited clips to work the end, besides for the shakiness, i think it turned out decent. Basically I need feedback on the timing, content, entertainment factor....dont bother giving tips about focus and white balancing type of stuff...basically i just want simple i said i filmed it myself with a friend and it was made for fun, but i think it turned out good.

    Comment on youtube as well if u would like...thanks

    oh and i am also very very new to the whole video editing thing....just wanted to know if it is good for an amateur.

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    Sorry if this sounds hard but you asked us to comment on timing, content and entertainment value.

    Timing - seems fine, a nice mix of short & very short cuts.

    Content and entertainment value - seen by this pair of eyes from outside your world it has none of either.

    Unfortunately I tried and failed to watch it all the way through twice. Why? Because it means nothing to me! It doesn't tell me anything - OK it's no meant to.
    I don't know the people in the video - (Again I'm not meant to)
    It doesn't show the Franklin Institute (It's no meant to)
    It doesn't tell a story (probably not meant to)

    Basically it does what it's meant to do very nicely, it takes what would have been to your friends & family some rather boring shots and turns them into a somewhat more exciting experience. Your friends and family (those who know the people in the video) will enjoy it immensely and it should therefore give you a good feeling of achievement.

    I do the same, I've got loads of "family occasions" that I work hard to liven up and make interesting. But I understand that unless it has an interesting story to tell or shows something of interest that people are unfamiliar with, it will never be entertaining outside the confines of the family.

    Ending on a more positive note, it's clear you have grasped the basics of video editing and, by your own admission, know how you can create much better quality footage in the first place. Don't limit your new found skills to girlfriends dancing (there are thousands of those on YouTube anyway) Keep practicing with those fun vids of friends by all means but also go out and shoot something with a plot/story

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    great to see someone from the states and at that in the Philadelphia area like me! Unfortunately i agree with the above post... i like the song lol How old are you?
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