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Thread: Problems with Masking tool

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    Default Problems with Masking tool

    Hello, its me again :P

    I have a little problem with masking, when I try to mask, the mask tool doesn't go to the way I want and it goes to other places, what should I do? it happens oftenly with my tablet, but not with my mouse...could it be the pressure?

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    My guess is that you're not "grabbing" the anchor point itself, but one of the tangents. I agree, it's tricky to get the hang of. Try selecting different "tools", or right clicking on a point, Deselect All and try again.

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    Tim is correct. It is quite fiddly and one needs to take the process slowly.

    Having the anchor and move tool select icon, away from the scene of the action is a real pain. It is not as if one can hit Ctrl and use the mouse to get another tool? Clicking away/outside from the mask kinda resets your action. I can even select two points by clicking on a "join" line. I'm still learning to cope with it. I like it, but I also feel that the Masking tool needs a wee bit more development.

    It is a toughie.

    In my present project for broadcast through cable outfit, I've been making much use of it. I can create layers and floats and so on.


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