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    Hi, I am new on here so dont realy know my way about, I have taken video with a Samsung Mini cam the light was very so I want to enhance it, can you advise what software or tools I will need.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum, you say the light was very? is that bright or low or dark? or mixed? Are you using a Mini DV camcorder or Mini DVD? It's easier to lighten dark (underexposed) video than it is too darken overexposed video (detail is burned out). If the video has a colour cast then you can usually do something to correct it but that might depend on how severe it is. A few more details on the specific problem(s) would help.

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    sorry about the lack of info, the camera is a mini digital, the film I have taken was at a party with poor lighting, the cam dose not have a light on it so I was wondering how I can brighten the film that I have taken, I do have software that works on photographs but wont do D/video


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