Hi there.
I'd like to ask about some advices and help, form this great forum visitors.
See, shortly, I love makin' and editing videos, and this is what I want to be better on. I got always so many ideas, and my mind never stops producing them. At first I basicly made videos for the site euro-rap.com, but also some others. I'm have always been my amateur video DV-camera, and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, and my mind Lately I've been doing some work for many producers/artists and other works. I have starting to do my own videos, and here are some of them:
Start The Riot -
Who's Fooling Who -
Africa -
Just to mention a couple of them.
The artists I did these video for, now want me to record some pro videos for them.
What was first, was that I knew that I had to get a better video camera.
So I have been checking out different ones the last 4-6 months, and yesterday I finally bought a JVC Everio GZ-HD7. The camera is freakin' cool!

But now that I am starting to operate this camera, I realize how different it is compared to my normal way of woring.
Before, I did the following:
* recorded/filmed with my DV-camera
* converted from the mini DV-disc to the computer
* converted to a mgp-file so I could edit it in Adobe Premiere
* edited and added effects with AP 1.5 PRO
* then it was just saving, and I was done!
Now, this one records in .tod files, that are enormous! How am I suppose to work now?
Please, give me some advices.
* How do I get the files smaller, and yet remain the great quality?
* Which way is the best to convert? avi? mpg2? if I am using Adobe Premiere?
* And finally, which size shall I shrink it to, if I will be makin' videos for tv-stations or similar? is it 720x576 or bigger/smaller?