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Thread: Looking for estimated sales prices

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    Default Looking for estimated sales prices

    I have no knowledge about video or photo equipment at all - so I'm asking for some help.

    I have taken over all this equpiment after my dad.

    I'm looking for a proposal of a fair salesprice, sold piece by piece.

    All equipment are 5+ years, but are in absolutely top condition - probably all incl. manuals, no scratches or damages, all in original boxes or bags, incl. all cables, batteries, remote controls, etc.

    Panasonic S VHS 625 12x zoom
    Panasonic TC 3PE1E
    Panasonic FS88 HQ
    Panasonic VW EC 310
    Panasonic VEQ 1325
    Videonics Titlemaster 2000

    Bauer Bosch VCC 550
    Canon UC30
    Balupunkt HI8 CC894
    Sony HI8 EV C500e
    Nikon 501s incl. 70-210 AF zoom
    Rollei 35SE
    Laica mini zoom 35-70

    Hope somebody can help.


    Peter Rasmussen
    Copenhagen Denmark

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    Hi Peter - Most of the video gear is well past its sell by date now and you'll be lucky to raise a couple of hundred. As for the stills cameras, they may bring a lot more, but I don't know the models or prices.
    It may prove fruitful using ebay for it all, as serious equipment is usually followed by healthy bidding.
    Good luck anyway!

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    As Zero says trying to get rid of old analogue video equipment today will be difficult, technology has moved on. The Hi 8 decks might be a seller as I'm sure lots of people have shot video in the past 15 to 20 years using that format and want a deck to transfer footage to computer for editing. You may have the best luck with the stills cameras.

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    Peter as has been said EBAY the lot and you may be supprised at waht you will get NOT everyone has gone digital and many still love the older equipment feel!

    GET E-baying

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