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    Can any one help me find an app or software to resize my videos from my Sanyo HD1000. It records in HD mpeg4 or h.264 (same thing i think.) I just need to make them smaller so i can put them on youtube so my coworkers can view the robot i just installed. Next time i will record in a lesser resolution. Any help is good help!!!

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    I use quicktime pro for quick conversions. The standard ipod setting is good for youtube clips. Apple - QuickTime

    or 'streamclip' by 'squared5' is a good free alternative. Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows

    Both are for windows and Mac.

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    thanks i have tried and keep getting errors on it error-108. and an export controller error-2147023174 any thoughts

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    Possibly faulty data in the video stream.

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