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    hello fellow members,
    first post here.

    i have a question, probably pretty simple question.
    i'm part of a recording team for my church, using a computer to record live audio and video using sony audio studio and Sony Movie Studio ,
    we're having trouble lately, with recording camera sound ( we dont want it, ) as we record the live audio with a line through the desk.
    is it possible to get the sound desk audio over the live video, without having to sync it ?

    and we use a creative soundblaster box / audigy sound card too if that helps

    hopefully you guys understand my question
    Thanks for all your help

    and mods..please move if in wrong section

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    I am barely literate in this area based more on watching others than doing.

    How many cameras are you using? Are they wired back to switch point or wireless?

    There are tons of semi-pro video switches available new and used that will give you muiti-camera input sync with CCU and real-time transitions and effects.

    No reason why you can't input microphone from church podium and mix it as sole audio source for you camera(s) video.

    What denomination of church?

    I have found that in the US most churches are affiliated into associations and most have become multi-media users and most are regularly upgrading their live and post production equipment and will simply donate or sell inexpensively their older rigs to other less capable churches.

    Sounds like a simple 4X1 or 4X2 video switch would do what you need with maybe a simple soundboard for adding EQ to your audio feeds and all gets mixed and recorded to either an eternal mixer hard drive or PC hard drive.

    There are comfigurations with a PCI or now PCIE card for the computer that has a special I/O for an external dongle or buss that will allow you to plug in multiple cameras and audio feeds and use either a separate mixer control board or virtual mix controls on the PC monitor.

    Step up a bit from what you are using now and a world of capability will be yours or another answer to your questions is, yes, it is easy to use a single common audio feed over multiple live camera video with out hearing the camera sound.

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    ^ thanks for the help.
    we're only using one camera, its a few years old, firewire ability though (which we're currently using so we can get DV )
    we've had live audio over the video before..
    im sure its a simple solution ,i cant quite figure it out though

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    Just use a lapel mic receiver and transmitter. Switch out the mic cable from the transmitter to a cable to hook up to the sound system and put the receiver on your camera in the mic jack.
    What's wrong with Windows Movie Maker?!?


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