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Thread: Burning my Video to DVD help???

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    Unhappy Burning my Video to DVD help???

    alright, so ill try to be straight to the point here:

    I made a basketball highlight film, edited it using premiere pro cs3 and it is done. What i need to do now is burn it to a dvd, but keep it at high quality. Unfortunately, nero lowers the quality significantly upon converting it to an mpeg.

    I was told premiere cs3 comes with encore, which could burn easily or something, but my version does not have encore and i can't get it.

    so, i realize i can't use nero and keep the same quality, unless i were to burn a data disc, which of course would end up unreadable by dvd players

    another problem is the entire film is in 720X480, so i know there is some limit, but can it still look good on a tv? can i change the res?

    So what should i use? Or is it in the way i export with nero??

    Any help?

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    Unless CS3 has changed a lot from version 2, then you can burn your dvd from inside Adobe Premiere and you don't need to use either Nero or Encore. Just use the Export to DVD command, again unless it's changed in version 3 then it should still be under the File menu. Are you in the US or the UK as the 720x480 is the NTSC setting, or if you are in the UK then you need to set it to 720x576 and 25 frames per second. All dvd's use mpeg so there is no escaping that, the quality will be less but for the file to fit onto an ordinary dvd it needs to be compressed. It also has to be in mpeg format so your home dvd player will play it back with no problems.

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    I think you DO need to burn through Encore with CS3, but I don't understand why you wouldn't have it - it comes as standard along with on location (i have the student version and it's all there). It's on the other DVD. You can export back to tape with without Encore, but then of course you'd need to carry your camera around wherever you went to play it... or a data disc, as you said.

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