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Thread: Sony Vegas 7.0 - Help needed.

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    Default Sony Vegas 7.0 - Help needed.

    Hello everyone, I've recently started editing videos. I made one video in windows movie maker, and lately I've been giving Sony Vegas a shot. Right now I'm working with version 7.0.

    Thing is, the first video I made turned out really well. It was about two minutes long, little over 100mb and the quality looked really good, even when I uploaded it to leettube (Like youtube, but for FPS/Online Gaming-related videos).

    Anyways, I've made a second video, but I can't seem to get the properties right, or something... When I host it on leettube it really lags down my computer. When I view the movie, it skips around a lot and takes up alot of my CPU's power. This isn't just for me, I've had others watch the video as well and they've had the same issue. I can watch the video fine off my desktop, but once I host it, it goes crazy. The first video, I also uploaded to leettube, and I had no problems. This video is smaller in size, and pretty much the same thing in general...

    Uh, I don't know what else to say... I'm trying to give you all the information, so maybe you can figure out what the problem is, but it just seems to be really unusual. The two videos are really very similar, but one just doesn't want to run the way it's supposed to once I upload it to a host.

    Here's a link to the video that is working properly.
    Leet Tube - For the haters.

    I'm aware that the beginning quality isn't spectacular, that's because I compressed it multiple times before I put it in vegas. (It was my first video, was just trying stuff out.) If you watch towards the middle to end, the quality increases. That's how I want my second video to be.

    I removed my other video from that website, if you'd like I can rehost it so maybe you can see the problem. Oh, also note... the video works fine for some people. I'm assuming these people have stronger CPU's, but that doesn't fix the fact that the first video worked.

    Please help. ;/

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    I would help alot if you could also let us know what render settings you've used.

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    Default Oops

    Well, so far the only thing I've saved my files as are wmv's...

    And I was saving as 8mbps everytime, until this last time, because it was lagging computers. So I went down to some different ones, but the quality/size of the video w/e wasn't working. The rest of the stuff, I haven't really messed with.

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    Try changing your render settings to 3 mbps.

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    I have. I've tried a several different options, 3mbps, 6mbps, etc... But they lose quality, get smaller, etc...

    I just want to know how my first video came out so well... and now I can't do it again. :(

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    Have you still got your first video?

    You need to take a look at what you actually did first time round. Download WMSnoop: Sliq Media Technologies, Inc.

    It gives you all sorts of useful info about WMV files.

    EDIT: It's worth pointing that it will also help you with encoding problems with your other files.

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    Thank you, Andy E - I'll check it out!

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