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Thread: burning avi file exceeding 700mb to vcd

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    Default burning avi file exceeding 700mb to vcd

    The avi file I'm trying to burn as a vcd is 1.2gb, after using nero to convert it to a vcd file. CDs only take maximum 700mb. Its in one file, does anyone know how to split this file or make it possible to burn as a vcd? Before converting this avi file using nero, it was 930mb, still too big for a cd????????

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    Just convert it in two chunks using TMPGenc, then burn these seperately.
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    Default cannot open avi file in tmpgenc

    I want to split the file using tmpgenc but it won't allow me to open the avi comes up with an error report saying, cant open the file, or file not supported????any ideas?
    I've tried changing the VFAPI settings in the option menu, but it still doesn't work??????????

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    I'm going to have to throw the towel in early on this one and point you towards The guys there are more skilled in, ahem, video "backup" rather than editing.
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    ok, vcd and svcd are burned differently to data cds. you can fit 800mb of (s)vcd on a "700mb" 80min cd.

    convert to (s)vcd, THEN split the MPEG in tmpgenc. Author your (s)vcds in vcdgear. tmpgenc won't split avi files. virtualdub will, but then that could cause problems. best to convert, then split the destination format.

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