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Thread: What licenses for published music please?

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    Default What licenses for published music please?

    Dear all, I am intending to edit a friend's home movie for him and want to use some published music in this. It is for his private use. Officially what licenses would I need to obtain please?
    I have been researching this and there appears to be a catch all MCPS license but on an earlier forum someone also mentioned a PPL license. But would that only be required if I had filmed the event in question and captured some published music being played by say a DJ?

    Thank you for your help

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    Although geared at wedding videographers, this will give you a good idea: Wedding Video Licences

    If you just select the music to be added after the eent, the cost is 24.99 .

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    The Institute of Videographers IOV | Institute of Videography have a licencing system which will help you out.

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