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Thread: Distorted Screen JVC GR-FXM39EK

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    Default Distorted Screen JVC GR-FXM39EK

    Good Morning All

    I have the chance to buy a JVC GR-FXM39EK quite cheap but when testing I noticed that seemingly randomly the screen sometimes appears distorted and blueish, this is on the TFT and viewfinder and on the recorded video.

    Is this something that can be fixed easily or something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for looking and hopefully helping.


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    My guess would be a dry joint on a circuit board somewhere if it happens randomly like that. Cost to repair? Who knows - depends on how difficult it is to find. I would call an accredited JVC repair agent and get their advice before doing anything more. Cheap camera will most likely equal expensive repair.

    EDIT - Just done a bit of Googling and it looks like it's a VHSc camera? I wouldn't waste your time any further if it is. These cameras went out with the ark.
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