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Thread: Best codec for exporting in AVI format

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    Default Best codec for exporting in AVI format


    I've been using Adobe Premiere CS3 for the last couple of months and am nearing completion of a video I'm making. I intend to export my finished work as an AVI file and have been experimenting with different codecs by exporting short clips and then watching them with VLC player. So far I haven't had much luck. I've tried the following codecs:

    DivX Mpeg-4 Fast Motion
    DivX Mpeg-4 Low Motion
    Xvid Mpeg-4

    When I try to use the Xvid codec, a new window with 'XVid status' comes up and then Premiere freezes. With the DivX codecs, the video quality is bad and the picture goes all 'fuzzy', especially during transitions...

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Try this guide, it explains encoding with VirtualDub and DivX;

    Movie Compression Techniques - Total Gaming Network

    Skip down to final compression.
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    What you render to depends on how you will 'broadcast' the file.

    I always make a best copy, a DV render.

    If I am making a DVD, also an mpeg2 dvd compliant render.

    For web casting I use .wmv but others may go for divx. I suspect the guide mentioned above will cover webcasting well but I would aim for a bit rate of about 1mbit/sec as a good compromise between ease of streaming and quality.

    There is little point in using res above dv res for streaming.

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    I tried exporting my video as an uncompressed file and then compressing it with Virtual Dub and it worked brilliantly. Thanks for your help...

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