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Thread: Panasonic AG-DVC30 perhaps

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    Default Panasonic AG-DVC30 perhaps

    I'm looking for a new camera and I've got my sights on the Panasonic AG-DVC30. I'm just looking for some comments/concerns with this camera.

    I'm certainly not stuck on this particular model...just trying to feel out the pros and cons from anybody who's ever used this camera or anybody who's heard of somebody using this camera get the point.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    if youre going to spend 2000 dollars on a camera, id go with ones with better repuations. like upgrade a GL2 or a VX2100. or even a Cannon XL1. If you've got some cash to blow, want a better camera, and are looking into doing more filmy looking movies (not interlaced, its individual shot by shot by shot by shot etc.... like filim) go for the new panasonic DVX100... those things are bad to the bone
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    Well it's not me spending the I have to make doubly sure that it's the right camera (because i doubt this opportunity will rear it's head again any time soon). I'm still quite the amateur so I'm not really sure why the dough is being dropped on this, but I am not going to let this opportunity slip by.

    Mostly, I will be going for a more filmy look....the problem with the panasonic dvx100 and the canon xl1 is that they are a good deal over $2000 (at least from what i've seen, i could be wrong).

    I'm off to do my research on the gl2 and the vx2100. Thanks for some good ideas.

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    Default ag-dvc30....go for it.

    Go ahead and get the dvc30. It has cinegama for the film look you looking for and a simulated 30P frame mode that looks great (and you can still edit it natively in any NLE). I think it is the best camera you can get below the 2000 mark. If your looking for purely film look and frame rate then you'll have to ante up to the dvx100a. I personally think it's all a crock anyway because if you want atmosphere and depth of field you have all you'll need on the dvc30. Frame rates, aperature settings, gamma settings etc. etc. GL2 is a nice camera but it is not user friendly and can't match the DVC30's low light ability. The Sony 2100 (pd170) has better low light character but NO CINEGAMA. Believe me, cinegama on panasonic is worth it and it is what your looking for, film look. Combine cinegama with 30 Frame and your pretty close to what your after, Gone with the Wind not All My Children

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    panasonics = definitely better for a "film" sort of outcome.

    he's right, the DVC30 is a not so much kickin ass version of the DVX100. but for some of those serious film makers who will need the extra crap, its the DVX100. it depends how serious you are about it
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    Default Thanks for the info

    Well it looks like I will stick with the panasonic dvc30.

    I guess if I were doing this on a less amateur level (and with a bigger budget), I may bump it up to the dvx100, but you know how that goes.

    Anyways, thanks for the information provided.

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