Hi folks, I have a sony dcr-hc20e camcorder and I am trying to capture a recording to convert onto DVD using pinnacle studio. Not really sure how to work the software but when I plug the camcorder in via the USB and press capture on pinnacle nothing happens. when I press capture and then play on the camcorders playback mode it seems to be capturing the video on Pinnacle but there is no sound.

I suppose my questions are
1: When I press playback am I actually capturing the video or just playing it through Pinnacle?

2: If it is capturing the video why is there no sound?

3: Is it ok to use USB as I don't have a firewire card and I have been told that you don't lose quality with USB it only speeds up the process using firewire?

This is really doing my head in as I am using the camcorder to video my baby son and thought it would be nice and easy to transfer to DVD.