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Thread: sony harddrive camcorder issue?

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    Default sony harddrive camcorder issue?

    am thinking of getting a sony hdd cam but it records in mpeg2. i'm sure the answer is here somewhere but could someone be kind enough to tell me if i can record and upload to youtube easy or do i need to start converting mpeg2 to mpeg4 and if so how on earth do i do that.
    i'm very confused.
    many thanks for your time

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    If your using Sony vegas you can render files in a lot of different formats without trouble. Edit your film save it then click render as from the menu, select the format you want and let it roll. I personaly do not use mpeg 4 for youtube even though they say to, try different settings and see which works best for your project but keep in mind that youtube heavily compresses your work so you'll get a big drop in picture quality no matter what you do.

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    But why on earth would you want an HDD camera anyway? Mini DV is far more manageable.

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    Default thankyou

    to the folks who replied a BIG thankyou. this is a minefield. so am i correct in assuming i should bin the idea of a hdd camcorder ?
    i thought the idea sounded great but most of the info gained tells me otherwise. although in saying that there are articles ive come across which suggest it is possible to do.
    so what do i do?
    which format?
    i want to get stuck into youtube and post post post !!!!
    all i need is a weapon to do it?
    budget about 500/$1000 max
    any takers on that one?
    i'm a numpty..ANY program that comes my way is bound to cause mucho pain and anguish. so i need something that a 4 year old can deal with.
    please someone take 5 mins of your time to point me in the right direction

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    HDD camcorders are the latest whizz bang thing to have. If you're a marketing man trying to sell one.

    In reality Mini DV is far better, recording in a format which is far superior and is easy enough to manage as long as you have firewire socket on your PC.

    Now, assuming you have Windows XP or god forbid Vista, you already have a perfectly capable editing package right in front of you. Windows Movie Maker.

    It wont do fancy effects, it wont do 50% of the techy we often talk about in here, but it will let you cut, edit, crossfade, shorten, etc etc and produce movies you can upload to YouTube (if you must!)

    Once you've got the bug, you'll want to do more and thats the time to upgrade to something like Vegas or Premier for all the super stuff you'll want to add by then.

    Be Warned - videography is a bug that once bitten by will drain your bank account faster than an ebay scammer.

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