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Thread: HD data extraction of mini DV tape

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    Default HD data extraction of mini DV tape


    I'm new to this forum and know nothing about Digital Video, but need some help with the ubiquitous wedding video saga.

    A friend is making our wedding video, but one of the tapes he used during the course of the day appears to have no data on it, but when he records a fresh piece of video on it and plays that back, the wedding video data can be clearly seen. He's spoken to a number of people / salespersons in camera shops, and loaded the cassette in other cameras, but no avail. The only thing we can conclude is a badly loaded cassette and some sort of maltracking of the record head, if the technology works like that. Does anyone have any solutions? Are their machines that the tracking can be adjusted on? Can anyone get this HD data off the cassette for us? Many thanks,

    Charles Jenkinson

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    That's an odd one.... When you say the data can clearly be seen is it just momentarily or more? And is it actual footage you can see or just time code data? Can you describe in a little more detail?

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    Because he wasn't able to view anything on the tape, I believe he re-wrote a small length of video onto the tape (just a random chair or what have you in his editing (bed)room), and when playing that section back to see if anything had written to the tape, it carried on to show the other video pictures on the tape after it, which was the original wedding video with full pictures, not just time code data. I don't know whether it was momentary or the 'successful playback state' would last indefinitely. I questioned if this camera operational mode could be used to get the data off but his response implied 'no', i.e. there's a specific way to dump data from the camera to his PC that doesn't involve the recording and playing back sequence he used to test the tape.

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    I think i have had something similar happen but it's only been a very transitory thing - not much help i know.

    A shot in the dark - if one of the cameras is dvcam and the other dv this can occur but it doesnt sound like that is the situation here. What cameras were used ?

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    Hi Mark,

    It was the same camera used for recording and playing back (plus uploading to PC) - a Sony Z1 HD.

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