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Thread: how to repair the video file?

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    Exclamation how to repair the video file?


    i need to fix 3gp video file. it was working before. but i can not play it now. i use 3gp video player. the other videos are workin. but the video which i want does not workin. how can we repair the video files?

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    I've never messed with these type files - too low resolution and quality - I beileve they are for use with mobile devices like mobile phones. I believe there are two 3g file formats - 3gpp and 3gpp2 - first has extension of 3gp and other 3g2.

    Okay - my uneducated contribution is that maybe the file isn't bad but just uses a different form or codec that your player was programmed to recognize and support. There are 3 different dimensions available - 128 x 96, 176 x 144 and 352 x 288. Please make sure the dimension does not exceed the resolution limit of your mobile device or player. For example, Noika devices support a different dimension or resolution than Ericcson devices and if the resolution is incorrectly set there can be playback problems.

    One solution could be trying to download a firmware update if your player allows that.

    Two could be for you to download a file analyzer/transcoder program like mediacoder. It's free and pretty powerful and functional - even recommended at the Kim Kommando website. Anyhow easily found there or via a Google search and free.

    You can open a file in mediacoder and it will show all of the file's properties and probably allow you to transcode your 3gp to something more friendly to your video player. Maybe the documentation for your player will list all of the 3gpp and 3gpp2 varients that it supports.

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