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Thread: A Taekwondo video I made

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    Talking A Taekwondo video I made

    I made a video of my friend, who is a 2nd degree blackbelt in taekwondo.

    The link is TaeKwonDo Addict - Harris - Headstrong

    I hope you like it, and leave comments!

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    Good stuff I enjoyed it.


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    thanks and yes, like my title, i did use windows movie maker...

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    Quite a few points which need improving I'm afraid.

    You really need to sort the white balance, it was all nicotine stained in colour. Next you need to get in closer, it was hard to see what was happening, you need to vary your shots, virtually the whole video was in long shot which quickly gets quite boring.

    Also the transitions were very cheesy. Wipes and such don't really fit this subject.

    Sorry but that and the music made the whole thing difficult to watch all the way through.

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    I did not like the shaky hand held shots, and yes, it was boring to watch.

    Do you have a tripod, or monopod? this will improve your footage no end.

    If you need to be more mobile a monopod is a great alternative to the tripod and it allows you to be more flexible with this type of shoot.

    Still, thx for sharing.


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    didnt like the effects. but it's good enough

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    There were too many scene transition effect, wipes etc, that were distracting.
    The slow motion and stop motion effects were good though. And conventional fades I like.
    I think there should've been a change or break in the music when the credits came up at the end, just to mark the difference. Not quite sure what. Maybe a sudden slight drop in volume, or a fade out of the power part of the song, and fade in a quieter instrumental part at a more background level.

    Having said all that, it is very watchable interesting and entertaining.
    I enjoyed the video and the music.
    Good work.


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