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Thread: A selection of my comedy videos:

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    Default A selection of my comedy videos:

    I've been creating comedy skits for a while now for nothing more than keeping myself entertained. With all of my work I try to create intelligent and engaging humour. You won't find any swearing or fart jokes with any of my stuff.

    My video titled 'word soup' would be the one I'm most proud of. Well see what you think.
    YouTube - Word Soup

    For more of my videos:
    YouTube - mattjeh's Channel
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    Hi Clay9 - the way this section works is that you are far more likely to get feedback if you just post one film at a time.


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    liked word soup. nicely shot and edited.

    ... Sorry, I meant:

    everest onion appeal. Elephant or dashing hassock.

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    yep liked word soup, had some really funny moments and a great performance. was that scripted or did you make it up as you went along?

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    95% was made up on the spot. You can probably tell if you look cloesly at how many times I say the word 'monkeys'.

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