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    Hey Guys,

    First time poster so go easy!

    I've just come back from a snowboarding trip and I'd like to create a DVD for the guys I went with. It's got the usual stuff, jumps, rails and generally the lads being tits when they're drunk

    My question is, as I have only really cut videos and played with contrast's/brightness's and such, how do I got about taking a part from a video file and slowing it down to a backing track? I'd also like to be able cut certain parts out of the file and play them at the end.

    Now I have programs such as Xillisoft and i'm using Sony DVD Architect to create the DVD itself. Can you guys recommend a program (or two) that I could use to carry out the above? And if it's user friendly all the better

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, and may receive a FREE PRIZE*



    (*Not strictly true)
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    Download some of the popular editor software listed on this forum, from the likes of Adobe or Sony and see which one you like the best. You can get 30 day trials of nearly all the popular editors and effects programs such as Adobe After Effects (if you want to slow down video). Or just to get you into the swing of things use Windows Movie Maker or maybe you have already used it and are ready to move onto something more advanced. Did you shoot the video on a mini dv cam or some other format? Mini dv would be the easiest to work with (using Firewire) as it doesn't have the problems associated with Hard Disk Drive camcorders (although try out Sony Vegas if you own one of these) or mini dvd cams.

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    Hey man,

    Thanks for the reply. I used my Sony DSC T200 to capture the vids. I've got some good file conversion software so the format shouldn't be a problem.

    I'll take your advice and have a lil look through the forums for the software.

    Thanks for the suggestions

    The Only Thing Constant, Is Change

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