Hi all,

I've dug out my old xl1s for a project one of my friends has asked me to do but I really do need some help.

I've not been filming for a couple of years and when I did it before it was just normal daylight projects.

My friend has organised an indoor rave at an ok sized club in London (holds about 300 people) and has asked me to film the thing for a promo video they're going to put on their site.

As I remember it, the last time I did a gig, the lighting was obviously terrible, the colour was affected and it generally looked crap.

I am wondering if any of you have experience with working within clubs with strobe lighting / dark lights / fast movement and how I should a) go about setting up the xl1s to best deal with this and b) what lenses/other equipment I may need to get the best result (I have the bare bones basically everything that comes in the original box, no more)

I'm doing this for free so I want to spend as little money as possible.

Help greatly appreciated!!