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    Default Help With Recording Video To PC

    Hello Everyone,

    I am completely hopeless with this!!!,

    I Have a JVC GR-PD1E, everytime i try to capture video from the camera to the pc it doesnt even have a preview screen and i cant preview sound. i have tried with all programs that i own. I tried: Adobe Premire Pro CS3 and NeroVision and tons of others. Then i put in a very old tape which was recorded on (with a different small camera), ages ago. It worked fine it recorded and previewed perfectly. Also the programms all have full controll of all functions like the play buitton etc. My question is is it possible that i switched a couple of buttons wrong on my settings on the camera??? or do i have to install something to view all of this????. This forum is my last hope. Thanks so much in advance!!!!

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    Did a quick google and your camcorder seems like a nice little miniDV format machine.

    What connection are you using into your PC? For miniDV it should be firewire and now USB so you should be using a cable that connects to the dv output on your camcorder to firewire connection in your pc or external capture device.

    Capture file type for miniDV video should be avi.

    I can't think of settings you could have screwed up on the camcorder but to be safe if you have been messing with the basic settings then reset to "factory default". I wouldn't worry as much about camcorder settings as PC program capture settings.

    Several programs should work well with control of capture.

    Adobe Premiere is a pro level application and should work well and it sounds like you are experienced with editing. What are some of the "tons" of programs you have?

    Many consumer level programs (much more simple to understand and use) work great to control miniDV capture and all have free trial downloads - Adobe, Pinnacle and, my favorite, ULead Video Studio. Video Studio should detect your powered up and playing camcorder output to a live firewire PC port and the default capture setting for dv video is avi so all you should have to do is click on the capture button and the defalut new project settings should do the rest.

    dv camcorder output to firewire input with camcorder on factory dv settings should result in easy but HUGE captured files ready for editing or whatever.

    Please keep us posted.

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    Thanks Ill try Ulead!

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