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    Hello, I am new on your forums and somehow a noob in video editing.

    I want to encode a video to a resolution to match my mobile phone resolution. So, the movie I have has a video size of 1024x436. If I try to adapt his video size to 320x240 it ruins the aspect ratio very much. It is stretching up the image. Of course 1024x436 has an entire different aspect ratio than 320x240. I used Xilisoft and Total converter. I have tried some things to adapt the video size, I mean 352x150 but I don't think xilisoft encoded right and my phone couldn't read it.I have a Nokia E61i, its a mobile that can read video formats like mpeg4 and maybe with the right stuff avi too. I kinda imagine what I need to do, I have to recode somehow 436 pixel part from the original size to 150 and make it look like a 352x240 which my phone plays perfectly.

    Can you guys help me please? If I need some powerful software please direct me to some documentation if it is to much to explain (please the cheapest software ) .

    Thank you.

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    Hi L0re,

    Newbie here also so don't know what the general concensus is for conversion but personally I use Super C for EVERYTHING.

    SUPER videos

    There's a link for the setup file near the bottom. I've used this for many phone video conversions and always pleased with the results. Hope this helps!


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