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    Hi there. I've recently put my digicam files onto my pc. They've been edited into mpeg2 format. The problem is, its in one big 9gig file. I want to put it onto dvd's.

    I know it has to be broken down into 3 files for the size of the dvd's, but not sure how to do it.

    The software I am using is nero 7. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have a 10GB file on this computer but I will use one of the NLE's to compress it down to 4.7GB or less with no problem, so don't worry about having a big file size. I don't use Nero 7 so I can't say what settings you will have to use to get that large file to fit onto a standard DVD disc.

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    NLE? What is this? I've taken a look at DVD shrink, but as its in mpeg format its not in the required vob files to be able to use it and also, I think its too big a file for shrink to handle.

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    Could be I'm misunderstanding something here so forgive if that is true.

    First, please share the model of Sony camcorder you are using.

    You post that the files have been edited as mpeg2. Did you do the editing via Nero? Were the raw files captured from your camcorder mpeg2 or avi.

    Is the camcorder standard def model that writes video the a little disc or harddrive or does it use miniDV tape?

    If you started with raw mpeg2 camcorder files or they have already been edited and rendered once already I would not recommend further compression via DVDShrink or any other compression utility. My experience/opinion is you would suffer visible loss compressing 9gig to 4.3gig.

    Shrink was developed to shrink movies from the original 8 of so Gig to around 4.5gig and it does that okay but that is not a topic allowed on this forum.

    It's easy enough to break up a large file into smaller and more workable sizes.

    I don't know about Nero but you can download trial versions of well known consumer programs by Pinnacle, Adobe and ULead (my favorite).

    OR you can check with your friends who have purchased dvd PC drives as they all com bundled with free software that usually includes editing programs from the above three leading manufacturers. Just borrow a disc from a friend and and trial that software.

    All you have to do is open the 9gig file in one of the editing program's time lines and then trim or cut into whatever size segment and render out as mpeg2 ready for dvd creation.

    Anyhow, please share a bit more info re what you began with and what's been done with it up til now and more specific help can be offered correctly.

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