Hi All,

Came across this forum whilst trying to run down some information on my Sharp VL-Z8 camcorder and I hope someone can help.

The problem is that the camera is a few years old now and recently when I try to use it I get 2 issues -

No1 - When I switch the camera on, it starts but immediately I get a red message - "DEW" on the screen. The camera then switches off. Previously when this happend I took the battery out and left it for a while and everything cleared up. However the problem is now persitent and I cannot use the camera. I have been unable to find any information on this error message on the net or in the users manual which I downloaded from here -

No2 - The tape compartment will not close with a tape in iut. No matter what tape I try. However it does close without a tape in it.

I have the distinct impression that the camera has breathed its last and ceased to exist and as such I more than likely need to get a new one.

Any help would be useful.