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Thread: First post; need help with censor blur

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    Lightbulb First post; need help with censor blur

    Hello, this is my first time here. I'm not sure if this is the right forum or how to check for responses to this later.
    Anyhow, I did an edited video of how I met my wife. It's good and funny. I was about to put it on youtube, when I realised our vehicle license plates were clearly visible. I want to blur them, or blot them out, mask or, whatever... for safety.
    I have both Magix movie edit pro 12 (the movie is edited with Magix), and Pinnacle studio ultimate versin 11 (never used). I also have CS2, if that has any video features. Thanks for any help.

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    You can try and create a small rectangular graphic in an image editor and if your video editing programs have more than one video track (I don't use the ones you mention), then drag the graphic onto a new video track and select it (I'm talking about Adobe Premiere here). If you can select it in the preview window drag it and move it into position over the licence plate to cover it. If the positon of the licence plate moves in the video, you will have to animate the graphic using keyframes.

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    ... or just read the FAQ for these forums. It's in there.

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    THanks for the help

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    Hi I use MEP 5
    If the car not moving, I'd do this :
    Create a jpg of a single frame containing the number plate.
    Use photoshop to delete all but the number plate
    Gaussian blur the number plate
    Colour the background green
    Save the Jpg. Put it in the track below the car in MEP. Stretch it so that it covers all frames with the number plate in it
    Green screen it.
    You should now have the blurred plate overlaying the original.

    If the car is moving, I'd do pretty much the same, but use video effects (rt click the pic in the track) to move the blurred cover photo around each time it was necessary. It'd be time consuming!


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