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Thread: Sony HDR-SR5E - Noise on recording

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    Default Sony HDR-SR5E - Noise on recording

    I have just noiticed, while recording a speech in a quiet room, that the camcorder is picking up a clicking noise every few seconds. This noise corresponds with the hard disk light flashing, so I guess it's picking up the writing to the hard disk! Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi yes I just realised this up too. It's about every 9-10 seconds. I'm still looking for other discussion on it.

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    Theres somtehing about it here, but it seems that no-one cares or maybe it's not happening to all of them. I'm trying to get hold of Sony but it's not that easy.

    Sony HDR-SR5

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    hi, I am also experiencing this very annoying (and frustrating) clicking noise produced by the hard disk of HDR-SR5 camcorder. This noise is not only evident when shooting in silence, but also when shooting in low-noise environments.

    Can anybody tell me how I can eliminate this noise? I tried by lowering the microphone level, but then the internal microphone becomes very limited (having to increase the volume of your TV set almost to full). I guess that the best solution is to make use of an external microphone... probably the ECM-HST1... I wouldnt go for the other microphones as most of them are monotone microphones (pity though considering that the internal microphone is 5.1 dolby digital)!

    But, before buying an external microphone, can anyone tell me if the external microphone will still record the clicking noise of the camcorder please? Any ideas? Thanks!

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