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Thread: Data transfer issue with sony handycam DCR-HC2OE

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    Angry Data transfer issue with sony handycam DCR-HC2OE

    Issue with sony handycam DCR-HC2OE.
    I can transfer images in wmf format via USB cable to my hard disk using the supplied Picture Package software. Trouble is that I canít transfer images via a firewire cable to the firewire port on my PC. The PC does not recognise the hardware (handycam). Un-installing the software then re-installing has not solved the issue. Flash player has been installed. The firewire connection worked previously on the same PC with the same handycam. System restore points unfortunately no longer exist for this time.
    The operating system is windows XP.

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    I can't seem to find much out about the camera, but firewire problems are not uncommon and have been discussed at much length here. It's entirley possble that the firewire board on the camera has been burnt out by hot-swapping the cable. The only way to be sure will be to try the camera o a different PC.

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    I've skimmed through parts of the Owner's Manual for the DCR-HC20 and assume it is the same for the "E" model.

    Looks like you've got what Sony calls an entry level miniDV camcorder and i-link is SonySpeak for a IEEE-1394 firewire.

    I agree that trying another dv output to your firewire PC input would help determine if the camcorder dv output is fried.

    However, I would also try other software - you can download free trial versions of editing software that will also control dv file capture like ULead's Video Studio.

    Other Thoughts
    If your software was set to capture via usb be sure you change the capture settings to firewire and avi quality.

    Be sure the camcorder is on and in play mode before opening the capture control software and if settings are for firewire input and avi quality and the program still won't recognize the camcorder then I would try to test the PC firewire input.

    Transfering dv to firewire should be the most simple step of capture, editing and rendering for dvd creation.
    goodluck and keep us posted.

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