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Thread: Magazine Recommendations?

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    Default Magazine Recommendations?

    I work for a post production house in Bristol and I'm searching for a good magazine for the tech support department. The company already gets broadcast and that sort of thing. But our department would like to try something that is post-production specific - if there's something out there! I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions. A lot of us are aspiring editors so it would be great if we could find something which covers styles, techniques, and industry info as well as practical stuff to satisfy the techies among us.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Would be much appreciated. Cheers

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    There's a few I like, but there US based so it might not be cost effective to get it to the UK. One is "Editors Guild Magazine" its made by the motion picture editors guild. The othe is "Cinema Editer" but out by A.C.E. Both are made by the people that make edit the big "Hollywood" movies. Hope that helps

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    You may also be interested in Candis magazine as they often have consumer advice and product recommendations and testing including photography and videography. There's also a donation to charity included in the subscription, and you can just jion and pay 9.95 for an online membership for access to all the benefits and siscounts. Here's a bit of blurb I found about it:
    Candis is the liveliest, most informative and friendly family magazine you can buy. Filled with a mix of celebrity interviews, amusing features, authoritative health information, cooking, gardening, competitions and much more.

    With monthly donations to charities plus exclusive reader offers, money saving benefits and the chance to win up to 2,500 in the Candis 37,500 free prize draw.
    Included in the subscription price is 5 Candis Club membership which entitles you to access for 1 year a vast array of special club benefits.
    You can sign up online and find out more at

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    Had to be the most blatant loosly related pimp of the week. Congratulations.

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    Wow - a magazine for houswifes - now that is a clever idea - amazing no one thought of that befor - er....

    TBH - I was put off by the line ' charitable donation included in your subscription ' - is no one an honest capitalist any more ?

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