I've tried countless (so called) free video joiners, of which some claim to be free but are actually trial versions and some are completely free, like the open source stuff, but these tend to be out of date in that they can't process MP4 (x.264).

I've tried a number of video joiners (Boilsoft's and XiliSoft's). I'll put my hands up now and say that these were illegal versions, but when I find the right software that can do the job I WILL purchase it. Boilsoft's gave me an error when attempting to join two .avi files compress using h264. Xilisoft's program managed to join these same two files but the result had synching problems with the sound.

My requirement is simple. I just want to be able to join 2 or more video files (including .bin files) regardless of the compression method used (Divx/Xvid/X264).
Is there such a product ?. Anyone.