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Thread: Adjusting voice volume Movie Studio

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    Unhappy Adjusting voice volume Movie Studio

    I'm having a problem with editing a film I've made, I'm editing it with Movie Studio Platinum 8, and I want to make the voice louder on one specific event (when I recorded it it didn't record very loud at all) as it sounds no good when I play it back, its far too quiet, the rest of the voice in the reel is fine, its just the one event that I want to turn up, any ideas?? Thanks!

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    Right click on the event
    Apply Non-real-time event FX
    Volume (under Sony if it doesn't open there)
    Adjust to taste.......


    move your cursor to the top of other audio events so the curso changes to double headed arrow and says "Gain 0.0dB" and drag down. Then increase the volume of the track

    OR.....(and this is by far the best way as it allows you to change volume throughout the film)

    right-click on the track header, select "Add/Remove envelope" and add a volume envelope.
    This will create a line (at 0dB) throughout the whole track. Double-click on the line to create a "node". drag up to increase volume, down to decrease.


    Edit the event in a and audio editor program .....



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    Thank you, worked a treat, I am now one step closer to hollywood fame

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    LOL - dunno if studio has many audio tools but if it does you might also try some compression / limiting on the vocal track.

    I will see you in hollywood !

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