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Thread: Capture the sound at a wedding (ceremony)

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    Default Capture the sound at a wedding (ceremony)

    I have my 1st wedding coming up in may but am worried about how I am going to capture the sound. I don't want to mic the bride and groom up as I believe it will be very intrusive (plus I think the bride will probably nut me if I even think about interfering with her dress), A boom mic will be to over bearing and the mic on the camera will probably be worse then useless and I don't particularly want to add the sound of the tape spinning to the finished product! I could use a gun mic but I still expect a lot of echo in a church which I think will sound unprofessional. So what I was thinking was to get a dictophone and hide it somewhere between the bride groom and the guy performing the ceremony.

    Has anyone tried this? What results can I expect from this and will it sound professional?

    I look forward to any help given.


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    The audio quality of a dictaphone wouldn't be good and it would be very noticable on the soundtrack when you used it. I would go for radio mics with discreet lapel mics on both the bride and groom (tell both of them that if they want good quality sound then this is the way it has to be done), don't be afraid to lay down some ground rules right from the start, you are the person doing the video not them. Also tell everyone to switch off there mobile phones before the ceremony starts as you certainly don't want the sound of The Dukes of Hazard on your sound track. Take charge right from the word go and also try and avoid a run in with the stills photographer!

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    Are there no external audio capture devices that I can hide in amongst the action to use the same principal as a dictophone. As much as I agree that radio mics are definatelt the best way I'm looking to be as unintrusive as possible whilst still getting good results.

    Any suggestion appreciated

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    Mic the Groom and the person officiating with wireless lavs, they will pick up the Bride just fine. Connect the audio to one of your cameras, either A or B roll. You should also plug your B roll camera audio jack into the audio board if they already have Mics and to get any music playing or vocalists or people that get up to speak or read. It is too important not to get good audio, we mic the preacher and the groom on every wedding, no one has ever complained.
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    That sounds good but I only have the budget for 1 wirless mic.... Was really hoping to find another solution in the short term.

    I am sure that I too will move on to mic-ing botg groom and official in the future but for the upcoming wedding I really need to find another way

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    Don't be cheap, it will cost you in the end either way Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanewhittington View Post
    .... but I only have the budget for 1 wirless mic....
    Then you really aren't equipped to do a pro job. Hit your credit cards and get the gear you need. You will get your ass kicked by the B and G if the video looks or sounds poor, and that will impact on future bookings. You only get one chance and it's their day... they'll want it perfect.....

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