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    I am just setting up my own wedding video company. I haven't filmed any weddings at all but have plenty of experience with camera work and editing from my time at college and university. To address the problem of not having any work to show I have agreed to do my first few weddings at cost price and my first booking is in May.

    Basically I was just wondering what I need to do to become a fully fledged wedding video company? I don't want to overlook anything so any help and advice will be gratefully appreciated.


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    You should be able to get yelled at by the bride or brides mother with out getting offended, Be able to work under pressure ect. Weddings are pretty tuff because you can't "redo it". 2 or 3 camars are best, and never use the on cam mic.

    Video is second to the photographer so stay out of his/her way, the last thing you need is for the photog to spread the word that your a hinderance. If possible try to work with another videographer as a second or third its a good way to learn. If you have more specific questions just ask.

    Is that your site in the Sig?? I never offer "package pricing" its a personal choice because more and more people try to haggle, if you have an hourly rate. Simply ask them how much they would like to spend, then figure out how many hours that will be and tell what they could get for it. Show examples of work in that price range ect.
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    Thanks for your help. I hope to remove the package pricing when I have some examples to show. At the moment the pricing is the biggest selling point whereas once I have done a few weddings I hope that my examples will become my biggest selling point.

    This might sound daft but do I need a business banking account for this venture?

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    Pricing is never your biggest selling point.

    If you think that simply coming in cheap will get you jobs... be prepared for disappointment. You'll never hook a wedding video on price, you need to offer quality and then be prepared to haggle over the price.

    Think of it. You're spending ten grand on a wedding. Are you going to go for the cheapest videographer and hope that he'll do a halfway decent job, or are you going to go for a good videographer and try to come to a deal on the cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanewhittington View Post
    Basically I was just wondering what I need to do to become a fully fledged wedding video company?
    Simple. Be good at what you do. There's some very talented people producing creative and innovative wedding films - these are the chaps that lead the wedding videography arena and those that can command 2k plus weddings.

    The market you're aiming at is saturated with individuals producing videos at cost prices to make a few quid. And a few quid is all they make. They may well boast that they're making a pretty penny, but put in the context of an annual income, it's peanuts.

    I would strongly advise that you plan your next steps wisely. It may seem like an easy route into a creative industry, but like any business you need to produce a business plan to stand any chance of success. Your website is a case in point; as a fairly creative chap, I find your site somewhat wanting in the design department. For me, I would instantly associate this with either laziness (if you are artistic) or a lack of artistic talent. Of course, not everyone with an eye for a shot and dab hand in the cutting room is a graphic designer - but you should at least get the basics right. Simple things like uniform use of text and size stand out a mile.
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    Shane - I notice you offer 'your choice of music' in the 395 package. Have you built in the cost of rights to that music? It could be a big tripping up point.

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