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    You're probably all bored with "what software is best" questions, but I have some specific problems.

    I've got a Sony DVD camcorder and am thinking of upgrading to a hi-def Sony model. I run Windows Vista, which doesn't support my old video editing software.

    Ideally, I need to read video clips from my camcorder (it looks like a DVD-ROM to Vista) and stick them together in any order. In the future, I'll probably also need full AVCHD compatibility to build something that will work in my Sony Blu-Ray player. All recording are in 5.1 surround.

    My biggest problem so far is with software that re-renders my video clips. They're already in very nice MPEG, and many packages just make them look horrible. I used a Cyberlink package before, and it had Smart Video Render Technology, which only re-renders the fades and links - very sensible! I can't even get the demo to run up under Vista, though.

    Can anyone recommend a good stable package that won't mess with my MPEG (or AVCHD) files?

    Many Thanks,

    Martin I.

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    Any video editor worth a bean will always need to render after editing.

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    Never afraid to demonstrate my ignorance so I'll share a few thoughts and questions.

    First, when a series of video scenes are placed in a editing program time line with effects and/or transitions between them all of the video is rendered or "processed" so that the application can process all the information into a single contiguous file. (Contiguous - I crack myself up) all of the program data including the video is "rendered" even if the resulting file type is the same as the original.

    I hate Vista and won't use it for anything to do with video (maybe one day). I'm building a new desktop and it will have a good, clean and legal new load of XPPro - thank the Gods it's still available!

    Sorry, what is the file extension of your camcorder video once transferred to your PC? Sounds like you have a Sony that records video to a dvd disc - if so it's it's not dv quality and probably MPEG2 720X480 format but knowing the camcorder model would be helpful.

    Since you are already editing proficient then I suggest that you download the free trial versions of Pinnacle, Adobe and ULead (my favorite - Ulead Video Studio) - all good and feature rich consumer editing applications.

    I think Video Studio version 11 fully supports HD resolution support.

    Once you buy into higher than analog quality with the camcorder upgrade then you will probably have high enough image quality to get into HD dvd creation for your BluRay but til then I wouldn't worry about BluRay HD format authoring software capability since you ain't there yet and for just a few bucks you can upgrade your old editing software to Vista version or pay a few bucks more for a full version of some other program that will do a great job of processing and rendering the quality files from your existing camcorder.
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