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Thread: Should I download from Digital Camcorder, Firewire or S-VIDE

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    Default Should I download from Digital Camcorder, Firewire or S-VIDE

    What is the prefered method to download video from a Digital Camcorder Firewire 1394 ? or S-Video?

    Is there any quality trade off between the two download methods?

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    Capturing from a DV camera to Hard drive via Firewire is a lossless process - the picture transferred from your camcorder is an identical copy. This is possible due to Firewire permitting fast data transfer rates. A firewire connection also enables remote control of camcorder functions via the PC.

    If you capture via S-video (or indeed USB), you'll necesarily see a reduction in the quality of your captured video.

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    I am aware of the camera control using Firewire, I was under the impression apart from speed S-Video offered you the same download quality.

    Thanks for clearing that up

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    No probs. Hope to see you posting your first video soon

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    ah yes, I also thankyou for clearing that up as I had no idea that S-Video loses some quality. Now I shall shall have to get a firewire port.

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