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Thread: Is Grazie poorly?

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    Default Is Grazie poorly?

    Cant see him posting anywhere.

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    I know he recently said he'd been busy with a project... think it's a case of the real world coming before the internet at the moment!

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    I'm here

    Spent the day designing-up a set of client's logos into a morphed composite using VEGAS. Synced it with someone Cinescore. Final rendered out to DivX and sent to client. Looks cute too!

    In the next fortnight start videoing, and need to get a "local-cable" TV infomercial out of that footage. Then a 9 chapter service DVD covering a community support Pan-London program.

    I come here very regularly. You are all part of my "water-cooler" support.

    You guys and girlz are very important to me - always will be.

    Now! GET OUT THERE and VIDEO!!!

    Luvs yah!


    . . oh yeah .. I Do have the "Mother-of-toothaches" at the moment!

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