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Thread: How to increase video speed but not music speed?

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    Default How to increase video speed but not music speed?

    im new here and new to sony vegas. Im making a basic project where i wish to increase the speed of my video but keep the background music the normal speed, so like fast motion but without the music changing at all. been trying but can only get both to change speed. Any suggestions? thanks

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    Number 2 in THIS thread. We've covered this a zillion times!

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    It is very simple. Lock the audio channel, then select the movie and change the movie speed. After that you can unlock the audio channel and put it at the desired place.

    good luck!

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    Question How do I increase video speed without speeding audio with it?

    Im new to Video Editor and How do you lock the audio and increase video speed? I cant seem to find it.

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    I'm talking now about premiere pro, I'll give you some simple details. You drag your movie to your sequence, then for audio channel at the left, close to the speaker icon, there is an empty square. Click there and a lock will appear. That means you locked audio channel. Then you select the movie part, in the sequence, and with right click you select speed/duration, then you change your desire. The video will extend or compress and the audio will remain the same, unchanged.

    If you don't understand anything for what I'm writing, please use help manual, or google, for any other software, or the same one. Bu the one of principle is to lock audio and then change your video.

    good luck,

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    i was gonna say, i dont know what the heck ur talking about when u said locking with vegas. to do what ur asking in vegas, i say open two vegas windows or projects, in one mute the audio and speed up the playback while hit play for audio in second projec.
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    Hi all,

    normally I'm using adobe premiere pro, I'm not confortable with Vegas, but today just to answer to your question I installed temporary Sony Vegas 9.0a. Before giving you details explanation I want to repeat that any video editor must have lock properties for a track.

    So let's see. We start with dragging movie to your track, video and audio in the same time, video-audio are synchronized and linked. Then you have to select the audio track, just click on your audio frame. Then right click and select switches->Lock. Then click ok, and go to your movie track, rightclick an properties to your movie track for changing playback rate to your desire movie speed. Click ok and that all.

    Don't forget to unlock your audio for your future use.

    It is clear now? Do you understand the lock secret, and procedure? It is used for any video editor.

    New feature discover ADD: hey, I just discovered that using the version 9.0a your problem is solved by SONY producer. You can do easily just select your movie and change the speed, the audio will not be affected. If you want speed changing but synchronized with audio, you just keep pressed CTRL and with the mouse select the end of track and drag and drop.

    good luck,
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    ah now that i understand what the user is asking, just hit u and the video/audio is unlinks and there ya go
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