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    Unhappy Rendering Woes


    I have an annoying problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've recently ripped clips/chapters from my Dvds to my computer in an avi. format with a Divx codec, simply because I didn't know how to rip it to any other quality that was better.
    When I go to render it the video clip, which is about 3 minutes long (I've tried several combinations), it comes out looking really nice in my Windows Media Player, but when I upload it to Youtube, the quality is not what I had hoped for.
    This next link is an example of the quality I'm looking for:

    I'm going out on a limb, hoping this is possible with Sony Vegas 6, which is what I use to edit.I have played around with the settings according to researh I've done, but nothing's worked. I've not gone near HD because the file size is way past the 100mb limit - does my problem have something to do with the compression. Also, whenever I open my project, it comes up with the message : "An error occurred while trying to open a codec.", but everything still works. Currently I'm rendering to:
    Windows Media Video V9 .wmv
    Audio: 64 kbps, 44, 100 Hz, 16 bit stereo with a VBR audio mode
    Video: 29.970 fps with a VBR video mode and an Animation 320 by 240 ( I have heard this is best for Youtube)
    Also my bit rate is currently 3m.
    Sorry for the long post, but I thought I'd bring as much detail as possible so I provide for shorter annoyance to more knowledgeable people than myself
    Thanks for reading this far.. I hope you can help me,

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    There is extensive discussion on YouTube quality HERE (The very top thread in the Vegas sub section)

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    Thankyou for your super quick response, I'll go there straight away!

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    Sorry I'm replying back here again because in the other thread your message didn't show, but it did in my email- so,
    It does help me, I have played around quite a bit and I do appreciate it it's just I have tried many of the settings in that thread already, and after having uploaded several times, have achieved the same bad quality each time- I just want to know specifically if there are any special settings required for uploading ripped dvd quality to youtube so that it appears that way exatly - dvd quality. I know this is asking a lot, and Youtube is hardly perfect in the way of hosting professional quality videos, but I have seen videos that achieve that quality and would like to do the same, hopefully.
    I don't mean to sound long-suffering, as I am still perusing the thread for tips

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    Slight aside.

    The quality of any piece of digital video depends very broadly speaking on two main things, that is leaving aside any considerations of lens or camera quality.
    The bit rate, measured in bits per second, and the resolution. The bit rate is the most important. More bits means a better picture, less bits means a poorer picture. Clever compression algorithms can be slightly better at lower bit rates but the rule still holds.
    The bit rate of the video from your camera is quite high; about 25mbit per second for SD DV and about 18mBit for HDV. A good piece of web streamed video is usually between 1 and 2 mbit, you tube uses 0.25mbit a low bit rate so low quality.

    No doubt the tube runs on a low bit rate to keep bandwidth costs down but it really is only just barely acceptable. There are a few things that can improve things, a bit...

    Use a tripod or make visually static films - fast action and moving cameras produce very dynamic images, this means that your few bits get spread very thin and the picture will discorporate into big blocks and look rubbish.

    Increase the contrast this is a visual trick that makes the most of what you have.

    Forget clever sound mixes the tube makes everything mono.

    Upload good copies poo in, poo out. Don't get carried away, no need to use native DV files, good divx / wmv at about 1 mbit will suffice.

    Digital Video Editing Guides: Digital Director - features - Video Compression for Web Streaming

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