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Thread: Dvd Architect. Soo simple question, soo much panic!

  1. Default Dvd Architect. Soo simple question, soo much panic!


    Ive learned so much on here, you guys will never know
    how much i appriciate it.

    Tomorrow I have to start my homemade production
    of 100 Dvd´s. I`ll try to explain my problem as simple
    as possible.

    - I render out my files as PAL DV from Vegas 6.
    My movies are together about 45 minutes.

    - Then, I place them in DVD architect 4.5 to let that
    program handle the conversion into dvd comptitable
    files. I fix up my menu and all the links to my movies.

    - Before I choose "Burn DVD" I open "Optimize DVD"
    This is where my headache starts (Iam probobly just stupid,

    In "General" I can read this.

    Estimated Size =
    Duration =
    Maximum bitrate = 10,080 mbps (Cant change it!)
    Bitrate = 9,340 mbps (changes when i change my Defeult)
    Total Audio bitrate = 1,536 mbps (I choose PCM stereo)

    In the left corner i can choose Defualt bitrate.
    I have choosen 7600 mbps after recomendations. This
    because it apperantly makes it playable in most
    Dvd-players. In "Recompress" i then choose "Use Defualt"

    My panic starts when I dont know witch "Bitrate-Information
    thats telling me what my DVD´s Bitrate really is?

    Iam terrified that it should be "Maximum bitrate = 10.080 mbps"
    or "Bitrate = 9,340 mbps". I have to start making Dvds
    tommorw and I really cant afford to burn all my 100
    dvds with at to high bitrate. Please, please. It would
    be so nice if someone just could tell me whats up!



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    As a generial rule I render to mpeg-2 in vegas not DVDA.
    If you video is 75min. The settings I would us is:
    VBR ( choose Mpeg-2, Pal DVD, then custom srttings tab)
    Set VBR to 8,000,000 max, 7,834,000 Ave, 2,000,000 minimum
    Then choose the Audio tab and unselect include audio (render audio seprately as AC-3)
    Make sure both audio and mpeg files are named the same. The reason why I don't go above the 8,000,000 bitrate is some older dvd players can't play above that and this insures that they play on almost all players

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    But I cant do it in Vegas. Iam missing some codecs.

    I need to be able to burn my PAL DV files, in
    Architect, with a lower bitrate then 8,000,000.

    1. Why cant I change to Maximum bitrate?

    2. Is this "Maximum bitrate setting" (the one that
    constantly say 10,080) the important one?

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    the only way you could not render in vegas is either you did not register vegas or your using the "Studio" version (i don't think that option is availible in studio)

    1) Like I said in my reply "some older DVD Players can not handle a bit rate over 8,000,000, if you know for sure that the dvds will only be played on newer players then use a higher bit rate. In my observations you will not notice a diffrence with a bitrate obove 8,000,000 unless its on a tv bigger then 52"

    2) No, The Average bitrate is more important, If the ave is set to high you might run out of room on the disc.

    You can burn the discs the way you want, I'm just telling you how I do it to get the best best dvds
    I can, I've been doing it that way for years now and my disc play on almost all players (some times you just get a bad disc that won't play on any player)

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks mate. I hear you. Thing is that Iam still worried about
    witch of the settings
    that shouldnt go over 8 mbps.

    Here is a screenshot. This is my settings with PCM audio.
    This plays with loads of jumps and really worthless picture
    and sound on my crappy test-dvd-player.

    This is when choosing PCM audio. When selecting AC3 the Bitrate drops
    and it´s not a problem. I suppose that the "BITRATE" setting under General
    is the one thats important...?

    If so;

    1. What should i try to keep it at to ensure playability in most players?

    2. If i choose AC3 Audio my bitrate goes down and the dvd is able
    to play on all three of my test dvd´s. BUT, I hear signs of audio-delay
    when i watch it on a good LCD TV. Is this becuase of the surround?
    Or is my audio weird becuase of the fact that i exported it from Vegas
    as a part of a PAL DV file, as PCM to convert it to AC3?

    Thanks sooo much!

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