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Thread: Can't open Premiere 6

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    Default Can't open Premiere 6

    Programme begins to open but as it gets to Matrox AVI Importer it just stops and shuts off.
    The project I've been working on has been crashing when I add titles and now I can't open Premiere, never mind the project. I've tried opening the project through Project-Archive but as soon as it gets to Matrox AVI Importer it just stops and shuts off again.
    I'm okay with editing as long as things work properly.
    I've got Windows XP and plenty of space on the hard drive. Would love to get help with this as I was 15 minutes away from finishing this film.

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    Try updating your video and audio drivers, out of date drivers are one of the primary causes of this kind of problem.

    Try starting the program while holding down the Ctrl + ALT + Shift keys, this will clear the cache and preferences which sometimes can get corrupted.

    It can also have to do with capture cards and/or virtual audio devices like Total Recorder. There are also known conflicts with Roxio, Nero, and Pinnacle products among others.

    Sometimes it can be resolved by creating a new Windows login and running the program from the new login.

    Start with the audio and video driver updates and go from there.

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    Default Same issue where Premiere 6.5 gets stuck at Matrox Avi Importer


    I have just built a new system::

    Using Matrox RTX. 100

    Asus P8Z7-LK [ has on board graphics, but not using it ]
    Intel i5
    DDR3 1gig RAM
    GeForce 6200 TC graphics

    Windows XP Pro 32bit

    I am not sure what the problem is. I have tried to uninstall Premiere and Matrox Xtools and reinstalling however, I am still getting the same issue where I try to load Premiere 6.5 and it gets stuck at Matrox Avi Importer.

    Any help to this situation is much appreciated. I have search on google with this issue. It seems to be a common issue but, the forums and threads usually end up empty handed.

    Please help.

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