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    I captured some video footage from a game using fraps and imported it into Vegas 6. Did all my editing, put the music in etc which was all fine. Then I had some trouble rendering it.

    I talked to someone online who I knew have made quite a few movies and he talked me through making a custom template. This seemed to work, although the .avi file that was produced was 3.3 gig, when he said his were usually around 500 meg for the same time fram (10-15 mins).

    I came back to my project this morning and thought I'd render it again only to find that I get an error when I try to render now:

    'An error has occurred while creating the media file Untitled.avi.

    An error has occurred while opening a codec'

    These are the settings I was told to change in the template:

    Video rendering quality: Good

    Frame size: custom (1280 x 1024)
    Frame rate: 29.970 (NTSC)
    Field order: None (Progressive scan)
    Video format: Xvid MPEG-4 Codec

    In the video format configuration:
    Profile @ Level: Unrestricted
    Encoding type: Single pass
    Target bitrate (KBPS): 2200

    So, if anyone can help me with either of the following problems that would be great!
    1) Why am I getting this error / how to fix it?
    2) Why is my final .AVI so big when I am using the same settings as other who are known to get smaller file sizes!


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    What you render to depends on your chosen distribution method.

    Is this for viewing over the web ?

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    Thumbs up Ok I think i got it

    At first i had the same problem too, i had a video that was like 3 mins, i rendered it as .avi= video for windows it ended up being around 930mb... so i rendered it again as a .wmv= windows movie video. it had pretty much the same quality except now it is only 20,000 kb!! thats good enough for me! hope it helps!

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