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    Default audio format?

    I'm working on a dvd for a group of friends, the picture quality is good but I'm having a few issues with the audio. One of the group has had a lot of experience working on music recording having produced one or two albums and worked for many years as a musician. Now he can work wonders downplaying embarrasing bits on audio recordings but wants the raw files as wav's, now converting them into wavs is not a problem it's what do with them afterwards that is my concern. When I come to make the dvd could I simply use the wavs instead of the original dobly ac3? Would the wavs give a similar quality or am I better using something completely different when I come to make the dvd? I'm going to use dvda 4.5 and I'm editing is vegas 8 pro.



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    To be sure I understand - you have edited and completed a video program and someone wants to process the audio and then you want to overlay that "improved" audio to the video??

    This is not at all difficult and can be done easily and manually which I have done a ton of times. Following brief overview of one manual way to do this.

    Once you have the processed audio just open the video in the main timeline of your editing program with the audio enabled.

    Open the audio file in the workspace and trim it cued to the very first sound. In other words have the audio track start right on the first sound and then drop it into the audio overlay timeline.

    The play the video track from the beginning and at that same first sound frame pause the track. By experimenting while listening to the video with the old sound while playing along with it the new sound you can do a really good job of lineing up the two tracks and then simply disable the old sound.

    Then play the video while watching and listening to the new audio and they should be in sync so no one will be able to tell the difference. Once in sync to your satisfaction re-render it out as a completed project.

    Yeah, if you have time code on both video and new audio none of the above is necessary - I typed out the above as worst case scenario - but I've had to manually sync separately recorded audio to video without time code or other aids just using my eyes, ears and a mouse button and with a little practice it's VERY quick and easy.

    I assume if your friend wants .wav then he is going to process the sound on a PC and not a Mac. He should be able to render his re-mixed audio as most any audio type you prefer but .wav should be fine. I've used ProTools and Cakewalk and both have rendering options to create most any audio file type you need.
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    Thanks imjay thats a big help!

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    Glad you thought my post helpful. If you want to see an example of manual sync in a worst case situation done by a beginner (me) you can visit youtube and search for either mouseandtheboys or mouse and the boys american trilogy.

    An old group from the 60s reunited and I had to take a separately mixed soundtrack and manually sync each scene from six dv cameras to that soundtrack by just listening and watching my pc monitor and tapping my foot and using a mouse click to set each scene start and stop frame. No time code and the camera people were just friends who turned their camcorders on and off all the time.

    Anyway if you care to see extreme examples of manual sync of multi-camera video to a separate audio track using a very simple editing program these two songs by mouseandtheboys are perfect examples. All done using ULead Video Studio version 6 which came bundled free with my PC's dvd burner.

    Anyhow, it can be done.

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