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    Hi All hope you can help!

    I’ve just joined up here as I need some help with getting some video footage in an suitable format for uploading to the internet.

    I’ve been given a DVD-R containing the footage from a DV-Camera, it’s in the standard DVD ISO format (VOB?), rather than a file such AVI, MPEG etc burned to disc.

    I’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 to edit and crop the video.

    My first problem is finding some decent, free software that I can use to rip the source from DVD to my hard disk, so I can open it up in Premiere for editing. I’ve tried a few programs such as:
    • Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum 4 (rips but doesn't play back properly)
    • Magic DVD Ripper (Won't detect disc)
    • DVD Decripter (Won't convert to compatible format)
    • ImTOO DVD Ripper (Audio, but no video!)
    …and can’t get the results I’m looking for. I’m currently trying out DVD FAB, and using the XBOX 360 profile, we’ll see if that works. I think it should convert it to WMV which is a manageable format? Any other recommendations would be welcome.

    Secondly, I’m new to video editing and using Premiere, although I’m very multimedia aware and generally an advanced computer user, so should be able to work my way around it.

    What is a good format/resolution/frame rate etc to save the edited file as for uploading to the internet? I’ll either host the video myself for downloading, or maybe put it on Youtube.

    I look forward to your advice!
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    mpegstreamclip free Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows
    VideoRedo not free but very good and not too expensive VideoReDo MPEG Video Editing Software

    Premiere Elements will also Rip DVDs, one of the things that it does but the Pro version does not

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    Cheers for that!

    I'm getting on well with a free trial of VideoRedo to rip from DVD to MPG on my hard drive. I'm then using Blaze Media Pro to convert it to WMV! Works like a dream!

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