I can't get my head round this compression issue. I've imported video via a capture device (analogue) via capture facilities in 'Muvee producer and Media TV'. Both of these progs save as .mpg but the quality is crap. So I've tried standalone capture progs such as 'Stoik and Blaze, FXCapture'. These have lots of different compression settings and I don't know what one's best for getting best quality to export video to DVD.
What's compression routine will allow me to change the quality of .mpg (is this MPE2)?
What compression should I use?
Also I've bought some DVD_RW disks and they are 4.7GB is this the largest capacity DVD you can get.
What compression do films use to get such high quality on DVD?

Sorry lots of questions but until I can get quality video input I can see how I can go on to edit it.

Any help gratefully received, thanks