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Thread: Will i lose my files?

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    Default Will i lose my files?

    If i uninstall the Pinnacle Studios and then reinstall it, will i lose all of my files?

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    It's been a while since I've done it, but I think you may lose your project files, but not any saved avi/mpeg etc files.

    You could copy the project files somewhere else while you uninstall, then put them back in Pinnacle's default project folder afterwards, if necessary. Not offering guarantees, but it sounds feasible. If you capture to Pinnacle's default folder (I don't) you could copy that as well.

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    That works fine.

    I just upgraded my PC and re-installed everthing. Once I re-installed XP and Studio I took my files from a backup disk and it worked fine.

    Even if you move the video files Studio lets you look for them.

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