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Thread: Its been a long time

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    Default Its been a long time

    Hello readers/writers,
    I haven't been posting for some time now Ive been real busy lately,last month my brother in law was in china for three weeks and I was looking through his footage that he had gathered and it light the flame once more,I spent most evenings for about a week putting this together,its far from finished as he has lots more material,but I thought I would share it with you all and maybe get some ideas how to take it further.

    Stage6 · Sepl In China - Video and Download · redragon

    P.S. please watch before February 28th because stage 6 is closing down;(

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    Sorry for the thread hijack, but... Stage6 is closing down?? Such a shame! At the very top of my wish list is a video 'gallery' for our members. Not a youtube clone, but a place where we can share our videos that we've laboured over... that's one of thje reasons we're now on a dedicated server. I did contact them a while ago in the vain attempt of using stage6 techologies, but didn't get a reply :(

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    Stage 6 shutting - bugger - I watch lots of good stuff on there.

    Glad you are back Marrs - just d loading your vid.

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    I tht this was going to be a trekky themed vid from the thread title!

    Well - who am i? Just some bloke with a big mouth and a big camera, but I tht that was just fantastic.

    Marrs you are so good it's bad. One day all holiday vids will be made that way.

    Profoundly fun to watch and full of intersting comment and observations - grat footage well used. I loved the music, and the masking of the geezer, and the keying on the sky was risky but worked for me.

    My only artistic criticism - needs an ending.

    My only technical criticism - deinterlace any video that uses track motion or time stretch / compress, I found all the field tearing a bit distracting.

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    Well thanks mark for the compliments,

    The interlacing problems were a BIG issue,the footage came from a JVC Everio DVD camcorder it was one of the first generation DVD camcorders so the video was already compressed before I even started!

    As you stated the film needs an ending,well as I wrote above "its far from finished"

    Regards marrs

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